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Dr George Paliouras

Dr George Paliouras
iASiS Coordinator

The vision of iASiS is to make use of the big health data and advanced data integration and analytics technologies, in order to promote precision medicine solutions. In particular, we felt that we need to bring together approaches that are either processing large population data (e.g. epidemiological studies) or large individualized data (e.g. genomic analyses). The power of advanced analytics technologies should allow us to do both at the same time, i.e. achieve both breadth and depth. This will in turn facilitate the discovery of interesting patterns that concern either specific types of patient or even individuals. We thus believe and hope that, by integrating and analysing heterogeneous and distributed data, iASiS will provide insights to medical researchers and will lead to effective personalised health policies. Our project will try to combine large sets of heterogeneous data from different sources, allowing for diagnosis and treatment to be personalised to each individual. IASIS is testing this approach in two disease areas – lung cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, with the longer-term ambition that this approach will be more widely applicable to other disease areas.



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